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Techimpex-product Ltd. - Developer and supplier of mobile medical complexes and field camps

Techimpex-product Ltd. specializes in the production, construction, and collecting of mobile medical complexes and field camps. In addition, our company provides a full range of services for the supply of medical equipment.

We have been working in this field since 2011. The accumulated experience allows us to successfully solve problems of any level of difficulty: promptly, accurately and on conditions that are most favorable to clients.

The created mobile medical complexes are intended for life support of personnel in the field conditions, as well as the provision of medical care. They:

  • Are ideal for deployment in a combat zone;
  • Are demanded in response to emergency situations, including biological and technological disasters;
  • Are indispensable for the need to provide emergency qualified or specialized medical care to victims, etc.

The developed and delivered medical complexes have a high degree of mobility, which allows it to be fully or partially transported using regular transport, and over considerable distances - by rail, by air cargo ships or sea and river vehicles.

Medical complexes from Techimpex-product Ltd. are formed in accordance with the tasks and aims of clients, if necessary, in the future all it could be modernized and expanded.

Field camps are also being built on a modular basis that makes it possible to change their sizes depending on the current situation. All components of the supplied camps are easily mounted and dismantled that guarantees the speed of deployment. Please note: field camps are being powered by mobile power stations, which already are as a part of the structure.

If you want to order the production, construction and assembly of mobile medical complexes, field camps or you are interested in buying high-quality and reliable medical equipment on attractive terms, just contact Techimpex-product Ltd. For more information, please contact our representative by phone.