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Autonomous mobile camp "ARK"

About appointment

AUTONOMOUS RELOCATABLE CAMP «KOVCHEG» – is a universal unitbasedonpneumo-framedmodulesandcontainertypemodules.

It is designed to organize an accommodation for, in the face of emergency situations, consequences of natural disasters, effects of hostilities andindustrialdisasters.

The method of the camp configuration is similar to the construction set, where you can find the full list of standard elements, which dovetail into one another, regardless the type, size and form. It makes it possible to equip any object, which consists of basic units and different functional units. As a result we are able to organize camps for precise specific purposes as well as an all purposeunitforanyamountofpeoplewithanyfunctionality.

Autonomous relocatable camp is a complete solution of different challenges. Mobility, independence, the presence of accommodation modules, ablution facilities, laundries, organization of food preparation and eating, and also main offices, halls for different events, different purpose rooms – administrations, duty rooms, workrooms, first-aid posts allow to solve overarchingchallengeseasilywithoutbeingconnectedtomunicipalservices.


Complexes and modules:


METAL-FRAMED MODULES Each METAL-FRAMED MODULE is a structure, which consists of: metal framing; outer canopy made of Oxford/PVC textile; insulated floor; inner heat insulating tent; spare tools and accessories kit;…


CONTAINER MODULES CONTAINER MODULES are compartments, which are made on the base of containers. Finishing of engineering, technologic and certainly sanitary facilities, as well as an ancillary equipment and furniture…