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Mobile Medical Center

About appointment

MOBILE MEDICAL CENTER is a universal complex based on pneumoframe modules.

It is intended for the organization and carrying out operational medical actions, in the conditions of emergency situations, consequences of natural disasters and technogenic accidents.

The principle of completing a mobile medical center is similar to the designer, which has a complete list of typical elements that combine with each other, regardless of types, sizes and shapes. This makes it possible to staff any medical institution consisting of basic elements and various functional units. As a result, we have the opportunity to form medical complexes for both narrowly specialized facilities and a full-fledged mobile-profile hospital for any number of beds.

Mobile medical center is a complex solution of medical tasks. Mobility and autonomy allows you to be not tied to urban communications, as well as makes it locally and geographically independent. And the maintenance of the majority of medical departments, emergency department, outpatient and hospital department in particular, makes it difficult to sort the wounded and injured, an apractically high-grade medical institution.

Complexes and modules: