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Mobile Medical Center 2

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RELOCATABLE MEDICAL CENTER – is a universal unit based on pneumo-framed modules.

It is designed to organize immediate medical treatment, in the face of emergency situations, consequences of natural and industrial disasters.

The method of the relocatable medical center configuration is similar to the construction set, where you can find the full list of standard elements, which dovetail into one another, regardless of the type, size and form. It makes it possible to equip any health care facility, which consists of basic units and different functional units. As a result we are able to organize medical complexes for precise specific purposes as well as complete relocatable hospital units for any amount of beds.

Relocatable medical center is a complete solution of medical challenges. Mobility and independence allow the center not to be connected to municipal services, it also makes it climate and geographically independent. The presence of a majority of medical departments, emergency department, outpatient and hospital departments in particular make it not just a sorting station for injured and wounded people, but almost a fully functional health care facility.


Complexes and modules:

Pneumoframed module

Pneumoframed module Each PNEUMOFRAMED MODULE is a structure, which consists of: Pneumo-frames(inflatable frames) made of PVC textile; Outer canopy made of Oxford textile; Waterproof floor; Inner heat insulating tent made…


CAMPING COMPLEX CAMPING COMPLEX consists of 28 pneumo-framed modules, some of them are connected with coupling pneumo-framed modules with each other. Each module has its designated use: administration offices–1 module9х6х3,4…


MEDICAL UNIT MEDICAL UNIT CONSISTS OF: dental department–1 module9х6х3,4 m(independent, white colourwith red cross); hospitalization–4 modules9х6х3,4 m(independent, white colourwith red cross); laboratory/pharmacy/blood bank–1 module6х4х2,7 m (independent, white colourwith red cross);…